Investigative and Performance Audits

Special INVESTIGATIVE UNIT - (405) 521-3495

The Special Investigative Unit assists state government entities and subdivisions of the state in establishing and implementing strong accountability systems to ensure efficient and effective operation while increasing taxpayer confidence in local governance. Every citizen in the State of Oklahoma is served by providing assurance of accountability through Special Audits or the State Auditor's Intersession Program. We recommend communication methods between the citizens and governing boards/councils and seek to assist governmental entities, and officials in the performance of their duties.

Performance Audit Division - (405) 521-3495

The Performance Audit Services group conducts performance audits in accordance with Government Auditing Standards which describes performance audits as " objective and systematic examination of evidence to provide an independent assessment of the performance and management of a program against objective criteria..."

Simply stated, performance audits provide information to aid those responsible for initiating corrective action in order to improve effectiveness of operation, safeguarding of public assets, and the efficient delivery of government services.

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