Online Audit Filing

Any public accountant or certified public accountant filing an audit, performance audit, agreed-upon-procedures report or other attestation engagement report with the State Auditor and Inspector pursuant to this section shall be required to pay a filing fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for the purposes of processing such reports and ensuring compliance with the provisions of this section. (74 OS § 212A.2.)

Please note that you can now make payments larger than $100 in order to submit multiple audits.  When submitting multiple audits, use the same Transaction ID for each Audit Submit.

Information on How to File

State Auditor Policy on Public Trust Filings

SAI Forms 2643, 2645, and 2653 - 2644 No longer required.

BULLETIN: Implementation of HB 2362 (AUP's/Biennial Audits)