Oklahoma State
Auditor & Inspector

Cindy Byrd, CPA

Cindy is Oklahoma’s 13th State Auditor and the first woman to hold this statewide elected office. She’s passionate about protecting taxpayer funds and helping public officials and public employees properly safeguard those funds from fraud, waste, or abuse.

Meet Cindy Byrd
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Forensic and Performance Audits

SAI conducts Forensic and Performance audits upon statutorily authorized request and is not permitted to initiate these types of audits on its own. A Forensic Audit is that “turn over every rock” type of audit report that often aids prosecutors pursuing facts when criminal allegations of fraud or embezzlement are believed to have occurred. A Performance Audit is designed to evaluate the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of government programs and functions to assist a public entity strengthen and enhance its delivery of government services.

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Board of Equalization

The Oklahoma State Board of Equalization is a constitutionally created body comprised of the governor, lieutenant governor, state auditor and inspector, state treasurer, state superintendent of public instruction, and the president of the board of agriculture. 

Board of Equalization

Pension Commission

The Oklahoma State Pension Commission was formed to provide guidance to public officials, legislators and administrators in developing public retirement objectives and principles, identifying problems and areas of abuse, projecting costs of existing systems and modifications to those systems, and recommending pension reform programs.

Pension Commission

Assessor Reports to the Excise Board

The County Assessor’s Report to the Excise Board includes all values within the County. Ready access to the Assessor’s Reports on the State Auditor’s website provides the budget makers information for all 77 counties in one location, enabling them to promptly prepare budgets and calculate levies in order for tax statements to be compiled in a timely manner and meet statutory requirements.

Assessor Reports
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