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Clinton School District I-99
  Submitted by Britton, Kuykendall & Miller, CPAs on 04-22-2024.
Clinton, City of Estimate of Needs (Custer County)2023
Clinton, City of Estimate of Needs A1 (Custer County)2023
Clinton Public Schools Estimate of Needs (Custer County)2024
Clinton, City of Estimate of Needs (Custer County)2024

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In the interest of transparency and accountability, the financial audit reports of public entities submitted by private sector accounting and auditing firms in accordance with 74 O.S. § 212B are provided on our website as a public service, listed with the name of the firm. SAI makes no warrant as to the propriety of these reports, including, but not limited to, whether all presentation requirements have been followed or whether these financial audit reports have been conducted in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.