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Administrative Office of the Courts2022
Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission Performance Audit2005
Canadian County Commissioners2015
Capital Investment Board Performance Audit2005
Cleveland County Health Department2015
Corporation Commission2012
Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Performance Audit2004
Department of Central Services2011
Department of Corrections - OCI2018
Department of Public Safety Performance Audit2004
Department of Rehabilitation Services2016
Department of Rehabilitation Services - Business Enterprise Program2010
Grand River Dam Authority2011
Motor Vehicle Fleet Performance Audit2003
Native American Cultural and Educational Authority2012
Office of Management and Enterprise Services - Information Services Division2020
Oklahoma Board of Nursing2016
Oklahoma Board of Nursing2013
Oklahoma Board of Nursing2009
Oklahoma Board of Nursing Performance Audit2007
Oklahoma Corporation Commission2019
Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Consumer Services Division - Mineral Owners Escrow Account Department2014
Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Oil and Gas Conservation Division - Technical Services Surety and E-Permits Department2015
Oklahoma Corporation Commission - OUSF2013
Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Petroleum Storage Tank Division Indemnity Fund2020
Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Transportation Division - Motor Carrier Enforcemen2014
Oklahoma Council on Firefighter Training2016
Oklahoma County Drug Court and Community Sentencing2007
Oklahoma County Passenger Vehicle Performance Audit2004
Oklahoma County Treasurer's Office Performance Audit2005
Oklahoma Department of Commerce2015
Oklahoma Department of Corrections2013
Oklahoma Department of Labor2014
Oklahoma Department of Transportation - Right-of-Way Acquisition2016
Oklahoma Department of Transportation - Size and Weights Division2023
Oklahoma Department of Transportation Transit Division2020
Oklahoma Department of Transportation: Engineering Consulting Process2014
Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs2012
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation2019
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation2015
Oklahoma Health Care Authority Medicaid Eligibility2020
Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors2013
Oklahoma State Department of Health2022
Oklahoma State Department of Health2018
Oklahoma Water Resources Board2012
Oklahoma Water Resources Board Performance Audit2006
State Fire Marshal2012
Statewide Virtual Charter School Board2022
Tourism and Recreation Department, Performance Audit2006
Tourism and Recreation Department, Performance Audit2003