Board of Equalization

The Oklahoma State Board of Equalization is an agency of the state of Oklahoma that contributes to tax administration. The board is responsible for adjusting and equalizing the valuation of real and personal property of the several counties of Oklahoma.

It is also responsible for providing an estimate of all revenue that will be available for appropriation by the Oklahoma Legislature for the coming fiscal year. The governor, through the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, then uses that estimate to prepare and submit the state’s annual budget for approval by the legislature.

The State Board of Equalization was established in 1907 by ratification of the Oklahoma Constitution. In the Constitution, the board was originally composed of seven elected officials. Following an amendment to the Constitution in 1975, the board now consists of six elected officials and one appointed official, with all members serving as ex officio members.

Membership includes the governor and lieutenant governor; as well as the state auditor and inspector, state treasurer and attorney general. The state superintendent of public instruction and the president of the board of agriculture are also members of the board.